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Whether you are looking at how to improve finances within an established business or running a start-up or early stage business; reporting to management, shareholders, the bank and other investors is a major responsibility.

Clients come to us for a variety of reasons; for help with their legacy systems and complex payroll issues, to unravel bookkeeping errors and to save the cost of employing an in-house finance person. They benefit from our flexible bookkeeping services and management accounting expertise to assist with monthly reporting.

Our experienced team can provide services expected from a Finance Director and Financial Controller; assessing the implications of current and future finance decisions, suggesting improvements and helping to implement changes.

Outsourced Finance Director

Growing businesses often cannot afford to have a full-time finance director or financial controller or may be focusing working capital into growing and maintaining the core operations of the business; this is where we step in – our team can act as outsourced finance directors for any sized business, providing guidance on funding, investments, cash flow and budgeting.

We will often participate in client board meetings, providing valuable input on any commercial decisions. We use our experience of running our own business to help you run yours.

Bespoke Management Reporting

Management accounts provide relevant financial and non-financial information to management teams to enable informed and timely decisions. They are not obligatory, but we see them as essential, as they provide valuable information to aid decision-making. Our management accounts team deliver accurate and timely financial and statistical information on a monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly basis – tailored entirely on your needs.

We can provide bespoke reporting packages which include profit and loss analyses, tailored reports against key performance indicators, cash flow statements and summaries, advice on reporting processes and an explanation of the financial consequences of business decisions.

Business forecasting, cash flow and budgeting are valuable medium to long-term strategic tools to gain a better understanding of where your business is heading – in effect, a roadmap for the business. Based on your plans for business growth and assumptions for future trading and market conditions, our team will help you construct a robust financial forecast with regular reviews and recommendations as necessary.

Whether you are a start-up business in need of guidance or an established business looking to improve your business performance through better business forecasting, we can assist you.

Working with Stiles & Company has been and continues to be a brilliant and smooth process. The staff (Daniel & Sofia) are extremely professional, informative and friendly, happy to take as much time needed to assist with our queries. We particularly appreciate their approach to client interaction and support, something we highly value.

Kaamila Qazi, Head of Operations, The Re-wrap Association

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